The business of BENCCIMA is conducted by the Executive Council which meets regularly to formulate policies, direct, control and review the work of the Chamber and its specialist committees along the line of these policies.

 The sitting President of the Chamber is the Chairman of the Executive Council by provisions of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Chamber. The Executive Council is composed of the following:

i. Elected members - The President, Deputy President, four Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Publicity Secretary and seven ordinary Council members.
ii. Ex-officio members - Past Presidents and the Chief Executive of the Chamber (Director General).
iii. Co-opted members - Member-organizations invited to serve in the Executive Council including those in honorary capacity, Chairmen and Chairpersons of standing committees and special interest sections.


The Benin Chamber of Commerce encourages all its members to join various committees and be actively and effectively involved in the workings of the Chamber. This helps to broaden members’ network of contacts while learning about issues that impact on their businesses. Some of the specialist committees in the Chamber include:

a. Executive Committee (EC)
b. Education and Training Committee (E&TC)
c. Industrial and Commercial Development Committee (I&CDC)
d. Business Ethics and Arbitration Committee (BE&AC)
e. Membership Development Committee (MDC)
f. Chamber/Government Relations Committee (CGRC)
g. Finance and General Purpose Committee (F&GPC).
h. Trade Groups


The secretariat is the engine room of the Chamber. It coordinates and carries out the day-to-day operational activities of the Chamber and implements all policy decisions of the Executive Council. It serves as the administrative organ of the Chamber and is managed by a Director General supported by officers of various categories. It renders services to the other organs of the Chamber as well as implements their decisions as approved by the Executive Council. It keeps safe custody of all Chamber’s documents and properties.