Essentially to “build and promote the community towards attracting investors; ensuring future prosperity of its members through advocacy for good business environment; and to continually be an effective network.

 And unified voice to represent, express and give effect to the opinions of the commercial, industrial and agricultural community and the entire Edo State business sector. Other sub objectives of BENCCIMA include the following:

i. To guide and strengthen the development of member-businesses with quality information, training, advice and service
ii. To provide a network of local, national and international business contacts and opportunities
iii. To actively represent the interest of the business community, locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally
iv. To continue to serve members with courtesy, integrity and efficiency
v. To encourage, motivate and train its staff towards providing services of the highest quality and to recognize their achievements
vi. To analyze economic and business trends as guide to members in particular and Nigeria in general
vii. To promote business undertakings with foreign nations by participating in trade missions, trade delegations, international trade fairs and exhibitions, and by networking directly with foreign trade promotion organizations
viii. To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, business meetings where members can come together to discuss their common interests with a view to taking joint action to address issues and matters affecting trade, investments, businesses and economic developments of Edo State and Nigeria and make representations to relevant authorities
ix. To assist the Government in economic development through participation in various committees, boards, etc.