1. Access to local and foreign trade enquiries and networking opportunities with other businesses.
  2. Access to network of local, national and international business contacts and opportunities.

iii.         Obtaining valuable information, training, advisory services and publications for corporate or personal image development.

  1. Avenue for assisting the Government in economic development through participation in governance through Chamber representation in boards and public service committees of Governments.
  2. Involvement of the organization in community development programmes with other business operators.
  3. Professional or personal recognition.

vii.        Possibility of having monetary gains through contacts with new customers, client or associates.  

viii.       Educational programmes participation.

  1. Personal ambitions to accomplish goals.
  2. Sourcing of latest information technology.
  3. Access to expert analysis of economic and business trends as guide for investment or business expansion.

xii.        Opportunity for business undertakings with foreign nations by participating in trade missions, trade delegations, international trade fairs and exhibitions, and by networking directly with foreign trade promotion organizations.

xiii.       Opportunity for taking joint action with other members to address problem areas including representations to relevant authorities.

xiv.     ATTESTATION SERVICE:   Issuance of letter of attestation guaranteeing the credibility of a member-company and the genuineness of its submission to the recipient for the business which is the subject of the attestation.

  1. RECOMMENDATION FOR VISA: Chamber members benefit from the service of recommendation to foreign Embassies for visa for business travels which is an official requirement of foreign Embassies in Nigeria.

xvi.     BUSINESS PROMOTION:   Business promotion through Chamber Business Directory which is widely circulated locally and worldwide.

xvii.    CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN:   Easy access to Certificate of Origin (C of O)

xviii.    FINANCE:   a) Linking members with financing facilities and assisting them to access funds at reasonable cost for enterprise development

  1. b) Organizing members into appropriate groups for the purpose of accessing loans and business development funds.

xix.     ACCESS TO MARKETS:   Sourcing information on potential markets for MSMEs and assisting them to discover and breakthrough into such markets.